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  • 63/54G Light Golden Brown

    A sparkling light brown touched with golden tones and highlights

  • 50/41N Medium Natural Brown

    A true, natural brown reminiscent of rich cocoa

  • 53/43G Medium Golden Brown

    A sparkling medium brown drenched with golden tones

  • 10/10N Black

    A luxurious, true black with vibrant depth and shine

  • 51/50A Medium Ash Brown

    A medium brunette with a touch of cool ash tones

  • 60/51N Light Natural Brown

    A true, lustrous light brown dazzles with natural hues

  • 21/12BB Blue Black

    A bold, powerful midnight black with cool moonlit tones

  • 80/73N Medium Natural Blonde

    A slightly darker blonde with soft natural brown tones

  • 90/81N Light Natural Blonde

    A pure, natural light blonde with shimmering highlights

  • 100/03G Extra Light Natural Blonde

    A very light bright, brilliant blonde with shimmering tones

  • 30/20N Brown Black

    The deepest espresso brown that is just shy of black

  • 40/30N Dark Brown

    A rich, deep chocolate brown, the ultimate in indulgence

  • 93 Light Golden Blonde

    A light blonde that provides soft golden highlights

  • 415 Dark Soft Mahogany Brown

    A deep brunette with cool, reddish tones for the most brilliant mahogany color

  • 535 Medium Golden Mahogany Brown

    A medium brown with warm burgundy tones and a touch of amber highlights

  • 731 Dark Beige Blonde

    A perfect dark blonde shade to achieve a cool blonde look

  • 28DV Vivid Violet Black

    A multi-toned shade that leaves a hint of Violet to the beautiful black base

  • 36RB Vivid Red Burgundy

    A rich, sensuous burgundy full of vibrant tones

  • 42R Vivid Medium Auburn

    A fiery auburn that radiates with bold intensity

  • 45RG Vivid Reddish Bronze

    A multi-toned shade that delivers a brilliant reddish tone to the brown base

  • 48BV Vivid Burgundy

    A brilliant Bordeaux wine hue for the look of true decadence

  • 49RC Vivid Deep Copper Red

    This shade adds bright rich red tones to your hair

  • 55RR Vivid Intense Red

    A daring color that delivers a luminous red tone

  • 59CC Vivid Intense Copper

    A bold intense shade that adds brilliant copper to your hair

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