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  • 50 Light Ash Brown

    A soft, easy-to-wear brown with no brassiness

  • 12 Natural Blue Black

    A daring, dramatic midnight black

  • 10 Black

    A true, believable black that covers any haircolor

  • 11 Soft Black

    A gentler black with a hint of warm tones

  • 20 Brown Black

    A rich, natural brown--the deepest you can get without going black

  • 30 Dark Brown

    Enhances brunettes with rich, chocolate tones

  • 27 Deep Rich Brown

    A dark and intense brown with warm, red tones.

  • 32 Dark Mahogany Brown

    A deep brown with subtle burgundy tones.

  • 33 Dark Soft Brown

    A slightly lighter dark brown with subtle red tones

  • 37 Dark Golden Brown

    A rich chocolate brown with warm tones

  • 34 Deep Burgundy

    Enhance dark hair with deep plum tones

  • 31 Dark Auburn

    Enhances brunettes and redheads with warm, natural-looking red tones

  • 35 Vibrant Red

    An intense, vivid red with subtle plum undertones

  • 48 Burgundy

    Brings brown hair to life with vivid burgundy tones

  • 49 Auburn Brown

    Gives a lift to a brown hair with vibrant reddish tones

  • 40 Medium Ash Brown

    A rich, natural brown with no brassiness

  • 41 Medium Brown

    A true, natural brown

  • 43 Medium Golden Brown

    Brightens up brown hair with golden tones

  • 44 Medium Reddish Brown

    A rich brown warmed with auburn tones

  • 46 Medium Golden Chestnut Brown

    Brightens dark hair with warm copper tones

  • 47 Medium Rich Brown

    A deep medium brown with subtle red tones

  • 51 Light Brown

    Gives you true, natural light brown tones

  • 54 Light Golden Brown

    Adds natural golden tones to dark blonde to medium brown hair

  • 55 Light Reddish Brown

    A light brown with warm red tones

  • 57 Lightest Golden Brown

    The perfect balance between blonde and brown with a subtle golden glow

  • 42 Medium Auburn

    Gives brunettes and redheads pure, natural red tones

  • 53 Light Auburn

    Brightens and lightens any shade of red

  • 45 Bright Auburn

    Adds a vibrant's not your average auburn

  • 60 Dark Ash Blonde

    Gives you a deep, wearable blonde without brassiness

  • 61 Dark Blonde

    Gives your hair soft, natural, deep blonde tones

  • 70 Medium Ash Blonde

    A natural medium blonde that's not brassy

  • 71 Golden Blonde

    A natural, medium blonde with gold tones

  • 73 Champagne Blonde

    Adds shimmering beige tones to your hair

  • 75 Warm Golden Blonde

    A sunny natural blonde with warm golden tones

  • 74 Medium Blonde

    A natural blonde color that's perfect for covering gray

  • 80 Light Ash Blonde

    A cool, soft, wearable blonde with no brassiness

  • 81 Light Blonde

    Gives your hair pure, natural blonde tones

  • 95 Light Sun Blonde

    A light and bright sunny blonde with shimmering sunbleached tones

  • 05 Ultra Light Ash Blonde

    Our most extreme, bright natural blonde without bleaching

  • 04 Ultra Light Natural Blonde

    The most dramatic, natural blonde you can get without bleaching

  • 03 Ultra Light Sun Blonde

    A bright, brilliant blonde that looks naturally bleached by the sun

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