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  • 10 Jet Black

    The luminous  darkest shade of black

  • 21 Natural Black

    A rich black with natural dark tones

  • 52 Burgundy

    A medium brown with light tones of red

  • 56 Deep Red

    A deep red tone with a bold dark highlights

  • 67 Medium Chestnut Brown

    A light true brown with a hint of chestnut highlights

  • 73 Golden Brown

    A light brunette with natural golden highlights

  • 74 Bright Auburn

    A fiery dark toned red that is radiant

  • 76 Vivid Red

    This bold intense red is bright and illuminating

  • 90 Honey Blonde

    A light medium blonde with tones of honey

  • 100 Light Golden Blonde

    This light blonde is dazzling with a hint of golden tones

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